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A wedding is the most important part of one’s life and everyone wants it to be the best part of their lives. Many people go overboard with all the things related to the wedding preparations and also the wedding in itself. The clothes, jewellery, decorations, venue and food all of it needs to be just perfect. Sometimes the clothes itself cost lakhs along with jewellery and other expenses which result in extreme extravagance when it comes to having lavish weddings.

However, there are also a few people to like to keep it simple and hence decide to go low-key with their weddings. They don’t prefer spending a lot on unnecessary things and just focus on the little joys of having a private and intimate wedding with their families. There are clearly ways to have a simple wedding, which may not compromise with the happiness you would want to experience for this special occasion.

One of the ways could be to go for a court marriage and then just have an intimate dinner planned for your close family. This would clearly make you save a lot of bucks and have an amazingly simple wedding that you can enjoy with just your near and dear ones. A simple nikah ceremony at home, with a few guests is also a very simple way of arranging a small yet simple wedding. Sometimes, a simple wedding can also be a very intimate affair even with all the rituals and traditions followed with a limited crowd or only the immediate family. The extra functions of Haldi, Mehendi, Sangeet and reception can be avoided to be done on a large scale and hence a lot of spending’s can be curtailed.

A wedding is the most important part of one’s life and everyone wants it to be the best part of their lives.

The decorations along with the venue can be minimized using colorful cloths and other pieces of decorations instead of using fresh flowers as they add a lot to the cost overall. Venues too can be a small banquet arranged or a small get together will clearly reduce the cost of having a grand get together after a grand wedding. The clothes can be kept simple, with not much of bling to add to the cost. Buying a designer lehenga and not being able to wear it again, clearly is a waste of money, which again can be used for a better use later on. Also, nowadays brides choose to wear imitation jewellery which is easily wearable later and you can get the best of designs along with a huge variety of options too and not buying gold jewellery easily brings down the cost to a very drastic level, as gold becomes the most expensive item on the list.

A simple wedding in no way means your are missing out on the fun. Instead, you are actually enjoying it much more because you are getting to spend quality time with your dear ones and that is what matters the most. Cleanly one should actually think about having simple weddings and use the money later for future savings and security.

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