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A bride needs to look complete from head to toe, within her gorgeous bridal lehenga, jewellery, bangles and footwear. All these are of utmost importance when we decide the look of a bride. What, is often missed out to observe and see is the perfect hairstyle for the bride. It has always been in the Indian Culture that the bride covers her head with a bridal veil, during the wedding and for that one needs to have a hairstyle that would be perfect to set it up and it doesn’t budge at all.

A bride needs to look complete from head to toe, within her gorgeous bridal lehenga, jewellery, bangles and footwear.

Nowadays, brides also prefer many hairstyles and the MUAs clearly take up the preferences to make the brides feel comfortable. The hairstyle should also gives a good support to set up the bridal veil which needs to stay intact on the bride’s head at all times. Along with the veil, there are a set of bridal head jewellery that needs to put to give it a better look for the wedding. A paasaa for a Muslim Bride, a mathapatti for a Hindu bride, a South Indian bride needs a perfect Poolajada to adorn all the beautiful pieces of her jewellery and the sweet smelling flowers that have to be fixed with utmost care.

Brides may prefer to make a nice, full fishtail braid on the side and enhance it with flowers and beads. Some prefer a water-fall braid which is adorned with pearls. Some of them also choose to leave the hair open with loose curls at the end and enhance it with a beautiful sheesh phool and enjoy the look sported by Alia Bhatt for her wedding. Some may also go in for a fusion hairstyle which would include a small top bun and leave the rest of the hair open. It is clearly the comfort of the bride that matters the most over here.

Most of the brides are very comfortable with a bun as it gives them the comfort as the hair stays out of the way. The bun also comes in varied styles again to completely suit and match the requirements of the bride. It becomes a very comfortable base to set up a dupatta. Many times the bridal dupatta is so heavy that it might be very uncomfortable for the bride to carry it around for the entire wedding ceremony, that is when the classic bun with few changes here and there comes to rescue, it too can be decorated with flowers and beads as well. A bun takes up the weight of the heavy dupatta and can be decorated with fresh flowers and make the brides feel at ease.

So, the bride beces the best judge to decide the hairstyle, according to the requirements and also the style she would want to use. As per the styling of the dupatta, and the jewellery that the bride chooses to wear, on that will the final decision of the bridal hairstyle solely depend and but obviously the final comfort of the bride as well.

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