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Low budget weddings are a matter of choice and sometimes also the person might want to keep a low profile with a limited number of guests. For some people a small wedding is a reason for them to enjoy it with their families and friends. This in no way compromises with the essence of the wedding or ignores the culture and traditions but it is just done in a simple way to suit the liking of the bride and the groom. Planning a small wedding can be an easy task or can take a lot of trouble. If you have everything pre decided then it will be an easy going event. One needs to go to stick to the decision completely, and hence know what and how things need to be done. There are many things that go into planning a simple wedding; a small guest list, a pretty yet elegant wedding venue, a gorgeous décor, jewellery and clothes and obviously a good caterer.

Having a small guest list is one of the main priorities for a small wedding. One needs to keep the guest list to mere minimum by including the most intimate guests. This brings down the cost for a wedding to a great extent. When the guest list is less clearly the over all expenses reduce automatically. Lesser the number of guests, you need a smaller venue. The venue if smaller, the costing goes down; the decoration cost reduce as the place is smaller. If you have a smaller guest list you can easily accommodate them in a smaller venue which will reduce your cost.

There are many things that go into planning a simple wedding; a small guest list, a pretty yet elegant venue, a gorgeous decor, jewellery and clothes and obviously a good caterer.

Decoration of the venue also adds to the wedding cost and it can be clearly be a thoughtful decision to get a decoration done that won’t burn a hole in the pocket. There are many cost effective ways of decorating a wedding venue. The first thing that should be considered is the usage of flowers, if you choose seasonal flowers like marigold and roses, it will be much cheaper than using fancy flowers like orchids and carnations.

This will definitely cut down on your overall cost. Also many decorations can be done with a couple of DIYs when it comes to smaller weddings and hence they become cost affective. Another important expense is wedding dress and jewellery, which if chosen wisely can help cut down a lot of extra expenses too. Choosing to wear a wedding dress which is way under budget by not choosing designer wear or the one without intricate hand embroidery and choosing to wear imitation jewellery which comes in a huge variety along with gold is a great way to have a simple wedding.

Finally the expense that actually can be made extremely cost effective is catering, instead of arranging a lavish spread of food that goes to waste most of the times. We can book a restaurant with a fixed or unlimited buffet on the same day of the wedding where selected guests can be invited and all can sit together to enjoy

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