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These days there are two types of people, one part chooses to splurge and enjoy the wedding by planning a grand event which goes on for days and also spend a lot of time and money to make it memorable. These weddings though remembered we clearly see a lot of money is unnecessarily wasted which is of no use at all. However, there are a set of people who choose to have a small and a private wedding.

Budget may or may not be the reason to have a small wedding, some people choose not to have a grand wedding but it’s their personal decision to have a small or a low key wedding with a limited number of guests and few functions and carry out everything in a very simple way from decorations to arrangements.

Nowadays, banquets have the facilities to hold events which might have from 100 to 500 pax and allow a perfect catering option along side.

Choosing a good wedding venue for a wedding is amongst the most important parts of planning a wedding because it is decided based on the comfort of the bride, groom and the guests comfort is also considered as the seating and other arrangements are on the basis of the venue. Small weddings are more intimate and more private and hence involve a limited guest list and hence a small little garden area would be a perfect venue for a small wedding. The beauty of nature along with a well decorated surroundings clearly add to the beauty for the wedding to take place. However, when it comes to decorating a garden area it would take much more money than any enclosed property.

If you have a bungalow, the backyard of a bungalow can be a very cost affective way to have a very intimate and a small wedding. Decorating the backyard in whatever way you want also becomes a part of a memorable process. It is your own private space with your special people which makes it even more special and enjoyable. There are also a varied range of venues that can be used for weddings that have smaller guests lists too, you can opt for a church backyard which becomes a beautiful place to hold s low key wedding, community halls are easily available for various communities to hold their weddings and they are generally very cost effective as well.

Nowadays, banquets have the facilities to hold events which might have from 100 to 500 pax and allow a perfect catering option along side. These halls hence become a very good option. Another very great option for a person who is in love with natural surroundings could go for a beach wedding and have an amazing view for it. Beach weddings don’t require much of a decoration and it’s an open free space to walk about and explore as well. Weddings become an important part of one’s life and they become a beautiful memory as well. So, to choose a perfect venue becomes a very important part of it and with a small wedding

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