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Whenever a wedding is planned in India, it is nothing short of a huge affair involving a lot of active plans and along with that the fun and frolic with family and friends comes in the picture. The long trips around various markets, talking to various vendors and everything one needs to invest one’s time and energy to get the best and give the best to the people attending the wedding, and for them to remember it for a lifetime. A wedding requires a lot of things to be taken care of; venue, decorations, catering and obviously the dresses for the bride and the groom.

Everything has to be looked into deeply to get what one needs as per the requirements. Anyone who needs to have a successful wedding needs to be prepared to the core to make everything fall in the right slots. Whenever it comes to keeping vendors in mind we obviously begin by enquiring with our families as there would have been many weddings earlier arranged as well by the members of the family and that would give us a starting point to begin the preparation for another wedding in all.

There are many well known markets across India that can fulfill all our requirements. All the requirements from being extremely basic to purely extravagant, everything can be looked into. The famous market of Chandni Chowk of Delhi, the Ratan Pole of Ahmedabad, Ameena Bazar of Lucknow, the markets surrounding Charminar in Hyderabad are to name a few, which can spoil you for choices when it comes to wedding preparations in general. These, well known markets have vendors that can give you from the prettiest and dantiest of lehengas as per your budget.

There will be available the best designs, the most detailed wedding cards with the best price, to suit your taste. A long list of caterers will give you perfect options to cater to your taste buds and perfect venues to have the best weddings will be discussed and finalized at the perfect price top. There are nowadays many applications and websites available that will clearly help you with a touch to decide your venues, dresses and even help you find the best Makeup artists.

Some of the well known apps include WedMeGood and ShaadiSaga. These apps bring everything for you under one application, they bring to you a way to filter out the best as per your requirements which may include the cost, the type, the theme etc. and then you can finalize things as per your need and hence plan a beautiful wedding for yourself.

A Decorator, a MUA, a caterer, a designer all of these can be found well in advance all with the help of these Applications. They are extremely user-friendly and have an interface to make the experience simple yet special. Clearly, these are the best ways to look out for wedding vendors and plan a perfect wedding for yourself and hence have a dream like wedding as per your budget.

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